Crane Services by Royal Arc

Royal Arc Crane Services has been servicing the Tri-State area since 1984

Throughout the years, Royal Arc has built our reputation using qualified personnelRoyal Arc Crane Services and quality products. Royal Arc’s crane inspections are conducted based on the duty-cycle and use of your equipment. In order to stay in compliance with OSHA regulation, an audit of your equipment must be conducted to determine the required inspections. If you have not conducted this audit, Royal Arc will perform this service to determine the frequency of inspections.

Typical Inspection Schedules:

  • Annual
  • Semi-Annual
  • Quarterly
  • Monthly

Royal Arc’s inspectors are qualified and trained in the diversity of all overhead lifting devices. In order to properly inspect equipment, Royal Arc requires all technicians to possess electrical and hydraulic skills. This ensures the highest level of inspection on the diversity of cranes in your facility.

Crane Inspections are usually scheduled in advance allowing ample time to  around your work load. Following your inspection, Royal Arc will provide OSHA approved documentation for your records.

24/7 Emergency Service:

Royal Arc understands the importance of reliable equipment. Nevertheless, just as people grow ill from time to time, our equipment endures the abuse day in/day out and requires attention. To minimize your down time, Royal Arc offers 24 hour emergency service.  With locations throughout the Tri-State area, it enables immediate attention and responses to your emergencies.

Crane Service Repairs/Upgrades:

Royal Arc’s service centers have the ability to repair or replace existing components on your crane system. Standard crane components are stock and available for emergency use.

Radio Controllers & Pendant Stations – 4 levels of service provided:

Emergency Onsite Repair
Upgrade Existing Equipment

Mainline Power Upgrades:

New OSHA electrical code specified that you require a four line ground instead of three.

Intermittent power problems can be caused by damaged mainline electrification. Royal Arc is a distributor of many mainline manufacturers – bring your crane back to operation condition with minimum expense to you.